Courses We Offer

Undergraduate Courses

Below are a few of the Undergraduate Courses we offer that focus on issues and themes concerning Diversity and Inclusion.

Social Psychology - PSYC 2084

Introduction to the social behavior of the individual and the group: social perception, attribution theory, attitude formation and change, interpersonal attraction, aggression and conflict, group dynamics, applied social psychology.

Advanced Social Psychology - PSYC 4084

Examines social behavior from four major theoretical orientations: reinforcement, field theory, cognitive, and role theory. Topics may include social learning, social exchange theories, group processes, attitude, and person perception.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology - PSYC 4024

Overview of psychological theories, research findings, and methods relevant to studying the behavior of individuals in organizations. Topics covered may include prediction of job performance, personnel testing, training and development, and leadership.


Psychology Department Undergraduate Catalog

The Psychology Department has a catalog of all of our offered Undergraduate Courses along with a short description of what the course can offer to students.

To learn more about the classes the Department is offering, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog for the Psychology Department: