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Each faculty member and graduate student is committed to diversity and inclusion in the Psychology Department. The Department has a Diversity Committee that organizes regular diversity and inclusion workshops and discussion hours. These include thematic workshops that cover particular topics such as Understanding Black Lives Matter and Appalachian Culture in two sessions over the course of the academic year; core diversity workshops offered each year on implicit bias, microaggressions, privilege, and stereotype threat; a special workshop on the Principles of Community held for all incoming Psychology graduate students; and discussion hours on ad hoc topics that vary each semester.  This is open to all faculty, graduate students, and staff in the Department.

Our Team

Discussion Hours

Title: Panel on Work-Life Balance and Micro/Macroaggressions toward Women and Parents in Academia

The Diversity Committee and Clinical Science area graduate representatives organized the first Diversity Discussion hour for Fall 2019. This discussion hour involved hearing from panelists with a wide range of perspectives on managing work-life balance in graduate school and beyond. They also addressed multiple challenges they faced in doing so, including various micro and macro aggressions we could all work to avoid. 

Title: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Justin Hawkersmith from Cook Counseling was visiting to gave us a presentation on dealing with imposter syndrome. Justin is very passionate about this topic and has given similar presentations to departments before.  

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