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Dr. Angela Scarpa and Dr. Jen Pollard Scott

Mobile Autism Clinic

Angela Scarpa and Jen Pollard Scott are leading the planning of the new Virginia Tech Mobile Autism Clinic (MAC). The goal of the MAC is to serve people who live in Virginia’s rural Central Appalachian region. The MAC would offer clinical care and support to families who have children with autism.

For more information on the MAC,  read this article published by Jenny Kincaid Boone.

Dr Jones COS award
Dr. Jones along with other faculty and Dean Morton.


Working With Committees

Russell Jones has worked on committees of the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association (revising standards for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual).

This work highlights the roles of ethnicity and culture, especially regarding trauma. Dr. Jones’s longstanding contributions were highlighted most recently when he received the College of Science Diversity Award in 2017.

Kindergarten children engaging in science activities through the Girls Launch! project.

Girls Launch! Helps Female Scientists Connect with VA Kindergarteners 

Dr. Vanessa Diaz, research assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, received IRB approval to conduct a study that connects female scientists with kindergarteners in surrounding Virginia schools. Not only does this Center for Communicating Science and Department of Psychology project provide engaging activities for the classroom visits, it also comes with a grant from the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT), allowing 10 graduate students to create kindergarten-friendly videos and activity guides based on their research. 

During years two and three of Girls Launch!, the project grew to include an investigation of gender-based stereotypesLearn more about this project.